Multi-brand platform


Why do competing companies use one after-sales platform?

There are convincing reasons to do this, as many renowned companies from a wide variety of sectors have proven for many years. Entering a multi-brand platform connects you and your customers to a direct channel to new user groups: 

  • We seamlessly incorporate your workflow chains into the existing network and thus save large investments in manufacturers’ unique after-sales solutions.
  • Where customers are concerned, you can also immediately realise a high level of acceptance – a single login, standardised navigation and design optimise cross-brand user friendliness.

Let’s consider an authorised dealer in the agricultural industry as an example: no dealer distributes only one brand. Standardised processes, as well as avoidance of different logins and designs, make everyday operations in parts research and order processing considerably easier.

The same holds true for the trade level below – whether (to stay with our example) the agricultural contractor or the individual farmer is concerned: the vehicle fleet never has only one brand. Standardised interfaces greatly facilitate the acceptance of electronic searching and order processes and thus increase the efficiency along the entire process chain!

But doesn’t a “joint appearance” with your competitors damage your brand? No, it doesn’t. The success enjoyed by our company’s multi-brand platforms for spare-parts proves that, and the reason is quite simple:

  • The customer already decided to purchase a machine or vehicle. Therefore, you are not really competing against your competitors because your customer will automatically look for the spare-part for your machine in your catalog. LexCom makes sure that only original spare-parts are traded on our platform in this process.
  • You have the option of presenting your brand and ist values using our marketing tools and thus guarantee that they are portrayed as you envision.

Advantages of a multi-brand industry platform


  • Reduced need for investment compared to single-brand applications
  • Uniform login and interface structure for optimised customer benefits
  • Completely integrated mapping of all trade processes – from manufacturers to end customers
  • Maximum freedom for participating companies – from standardised to highly individualised
  • Kit modules help realise different after-sales priorities without a hitch
  • System security and availability guaranteed by the industry leader
  • LexCom develops the system further on an ongoing basis